Learn how to use design to solve real-world needs

How do you ensure people dedicate their creative skills to worthy causes? You put 'design to improve life' on the learning agenda. In partnership with businesses, universities, municipalities and non-governmental institutions, we equip people with a mindset focussed on sustainable innovation, creative problem-solving skills, and the ability to deliver real and lasting impact.

Our key tool, the Design to Improve Life Compass, focuses on design thinking, innovation and sustainability, and is designed to strengthen your skillset for thriving in fast-changing environments and creating meaningful change. 

Facilitated by our experts, we offer two programme tracks for educators and professionals, on- and offline. Feel free to browse our offers below or for more information, reach out to us.


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Peru & Mexico, 2021
Phillippines, 2020
Chile, 2020
Dubai, 2020
Santiago, 2019
Google Arts & Culture, 2019
Cape Town, 2019
Tanzania, 2019
Taiwan, 2018
Copenhagen, 2017
Hong Kong, 2012
Copenhagen, 2012
Seoul, 2009
Melbourne, 2008
Our (not so) secret design to improve life weapon
The Compass is the backbone of all our learning and business development initiatives. It's a problem-solving tool that integrates the three fundamental competencies of didactics, process facilitation and 'design to improve life'. Whatever the challenge, the Compass can help you get from A to B with concrete actions, methods and techniques. It helps you navigate, focus and stay on track, while encouraging curiosity, engagement, creativity and innovative thinking.

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The holy grail of our education programme providing a full overview of how to design sustainable, change-making solutions from start to finish.
Our Picture Card deck for Design to Improve Life Education techniques
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From our archive of more than 8,000 projects, we've picked out key cases that offer extraordinary insights into the challenges, discoveries and lessons from starting and running a life-improving business.