Wovin Wall System
A decorative wall treatment that adds texture and visual interest to any space

The tiles alternate in direction to create a distinctive woven pattern. Tile finishes include timber, laminate, polypropylene and anodized aluminum. A combination of these finishes, including printed graphics and different tile shapes offers complete design freedom.

Functionality and use of design
The Wovin Wall System consists of a lightweight mounting grid, which can be fixed to any wall or ceiling surface. The Wovin tiles are clipped into this grid in alternating directions to create the woven pattern. The system does not require the wall to be finished and can be fitted to straight and curved walls.

How did this design improve life?

  • Through its simplicity and versatility, the Wovin Wall System easily transforms a space and creates atmosphere and visual interest. The flexibility of the system allows the user to become the designer and project a bit of themselves into the spaces and its surroundings.
  • The warmth of timber veneer, the bright contemporary glow of backlit polypropylene and the clean minimalist feel of gloss laminate can work together or singly to create totally different environments.
  • The addition of different tile shapes, printed graphics and different lighting effects all help to increase the variety of its applications.
  • The ease of assembly and installation is a primary benefit of the System - no preparation of the wall or ceiling is required. The wall can be used as a number of small panels or can cover an entire area and walls can be altered in size and shape at any time.
  • Modular interlocking tiles offer the ability to reconfigure the appearance and feel of the space with changing styles and seasons.
  • The aluminum grid is designed to accept a number of different tile shapes and in this way can produce a totally different look.
  • The system is made from recyclable materials being aluminum and polycarbonate.
  • The system allows for the inclusion of sound absorbing foam panels behind the tiles which improve the acoustic properties of the space and its surroundings.

Drawbacks of life improvement
The ability to change the tiles easily means that tiles could be removed in public spaces although tiles can be permanently fixed if necessary.

Research and need
The success of a one off installation produced by Box & Dice for a leading Sydney restaurant lead to the discovery that very little existed in the area of decorative wall treatments. Having identified a real interest for such treatments we researched production methods which allowed us to produce the woven effect on a commercial basis. We researched environmentally sound production methods as well as ways of producing a transportable, flat packed system. The selection of aluminum extrusions with plastic joiners gave us the most flexible system and one which was most economical to freight. We researched installation procedures so that the installer would not require any great mechanical skill. We also researched different substrates and finishes so that we could offer a range of finishes at different price levels.

Designed by
Box & Dice Pty. Limited - Australia