We're on Google Arts & Culture!
Explore humanity’s greatest inventions and discoveries in a new interactive online project by Google Arts & Culture in collaboration with Index

Today, Google Arts & Culture launches Once Upon a Try - the largest online exhibition about inventions and discoveries ever curated. Collections, stories and knowledge from over 110 renowned institutions across 23 countries, including Index, are brought together, highlighting millennia of major breakthroughs and the great minds behind them.

Index has curated 13 exhibitions providing an insightful glimpse into our design archive of more than 6,000 solutions. The exhibitions feature a wide array of Index Award finalists and winners, from the biennale's debut in 2005 to the last cycle in 2017. We share the personal stories behind some of the most ingenious ideas and showcase a wide variety of dynamic designs: from tiny tools that diagnose disease to environmental moonshots saving our seas. Notable exhibitions include 'Eye-opening innovations that started with “Aha!”', 'Performing miracles - the past and future of prosthetics' and much more.

“This is such an exciting endeavour for us, and we couldn't be prouder. Not only do we share these amazing stories with an incredibly vast global audience. But, our Index Alumni are commemorated, and immortalised in the history books, alongside some of the world's most iconic pioneers in design, innovation and science," said our CEO Liza Chong.

Index's stories can now be explored alongside more than 400 interactive exhibitions that pay tribute to humanity's greatest leaps in science and technology, the visionaries that shaped our world, as well as tales of epic fails and happy accidents. Once Upon A Try also lets you dive into Street View to tour the sites of great discoveries, from deep underground inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to high in the sky on board the International Space Station.

Zoom in to more than 200,000 artefacts in high definition, including the first recorded map of the Americas from 1508, and Albert Einstein’s letters, never before published online. “We invite everyone to participate in the first phase of an online collection that celebrates innovation and science. Through inspiring, and at times surprising, stories from over 100 partners, you can explore the inventions and discoveries that have shaped our world. Once Upon a Try is all about that first attempt, the idea, the journey of fulfilling a dream, and we hope it’ll give people that extra boost to find their very own eureka moment,” said Amit Sood, Director of Google Arts & Culture.