The Good Kitchen
A meal service designed for senior citizens in Holstebro Municipality, Denmark

Today, 125,000 elderly are dependant on public food service in Denmark, and around 30% of all those in care homes are malnourished due to social, psychological and physical factors. 

The Good Kitchen is improving the quality of food experience for the elderly. In this way, health conditions for many of them will improve – and so will their wellbeing. The solution also aims to improve social interaction with and respect for the elderly.

The Good Kitchen is constructed as an integrated value chain, including packaging, delivery, product storytelling, visual communication, and user feedback. It is an example of how service design can play a vital part in developing the future of welfare services.

“From an image as a dull and boring public service provider, The Good Kitchen has become a modern and user-oriented kitchen for senior citizens,” said the design team.

The solution has led to improved cooperation, dialogue, and communication between The Good Kitchen, the local health center, and the referral section in Holstebro Municipality.

“It’s a fact that the European welfare state is under heavy pressure. The Good Kitchen shows how to deliver a public service of very high standards.”

Finally, the context is not only public, but also related to a wider context of business and culture.

“As regional branding becomes more and more important for local growth and development, The Good Kitchen can play a vital role in creating an attractive regional centre accelerating business life, cultural life, and social life for all citizens. After all, most of us will get old.”

Designed by
Hatch & Bloom (idea and design agency), Holstebro Municipality (client) and The Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority (funding) - Denmark