SitBag and enjoy the trip

SitBag addresses the global aspects of modern travelling. Delays, overbooking, increased security and too small airports are causing a lot of excess time for the traveller. In order to use this extra time for communication, work or just relaxing, seating areas are necessary.

Airports fail to solve these problems and instead seats are being removed in favour of new restaurants and shopping areas. The result; people not being able to use their excess time efficient which causes stress and irritation.

SitBag is a trolley with a built-in seating function. It is designed in a carry-on-size, making the traveller able to relax all the way to and from the flight. It is possible to do lighter work, read or communicate while seated on the SitBag. The trolley doubles as stool and chair. It allows you to detach the soft luggage part and to use it as a backpack for increased mobility.

Functionality and use of design
The SitBag offers the traveller mobile means to rest and work. It is a snail house enclosing the traveller’s prized possessions. With the SitBag you will be able to “SitBag and enjoy the trip”.

This piece of luggage/furniture is a lightweight construction, using an outer structure to protect and carry the load, a soft inside to organize and store.

The frame in this prototype is made out of laminated wood, supported by carbon fibre. Laminated wood, being a traditional furniture material, has a relatively low tooling cost and a low raw material price. Laminated wood also has very good strength and flexibility. Supported by thin layers of carbon fibre, the strength becomes very high while still retaining flexibility.

How did this design improve life?
SitBag addresses the global aspects of modern travelling and stress. The trolley doubles as stool and chair. This offers a possibility to sit down whenever you need. It is an important thing for all who have problems walking and carrying loads over a distance. It makes it possible for people to take a break when needed and that makes you feel safe.

Drawbacks of life improvement

Research and need
The project started out with an analysis made in airports, looking at modern traveller’s needs. I conducted research on travelling patterns in airports, looked into existing luggage problems, what happened during delays etc. by interviewing frequent flyers and other travellers. Questioners were handed out and a focus group meeting was conducted to find out the needs of today’s traveller. After the concept and prototype were developed it was shown to a group of possible end users and some manufacturers with a very good response as a result. The SitBag concept was seen as an innovative brand new idea.

Designed by
Henrik Asbjørn - Denmark