🤝 Launched: Diseño Responde!
Latin America moves to tackle coronavirus with design

We're collaborating with Faculty of Design at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) to launch the first edition of Diseño Responde, Desafío Latinoamericano Index Award + UDD. The challenge seeks to activate the youth of Latin America to create solutions that address the effects of coronavirus from a local perspective.

Latin American students and graduates from various disciplines will design solutions that address problems related to COVID-19 and life after the pandemic. These could focus on healthcare, virtual education or work, housing conditions, access to nature, among many other areas.

Today's digital launch event will feature presentations from Alejandra Amenábar, Dean of the Faculty of Design at the Universidad del Desarrollo, Mariano Alesandro, Head of Future Thinking & Technology from The Index Project and Renata Souza, winner of the Index Award 2019 People's Choice, who'll share her experience as the creator of Thumy.

"We believe designing solutions to improve people’s lives is key to finding a hopeful and lasting impact in this unprecedented time."

"This is a great opportunity to unlock young, diverse talents in the region and kick-start solutions that can have such an immense impact in local areas," says Liza Chong, The Index Project CEO. "We stand strong with local partners who understand the grave effects and want to respond now to the pandemic that's putting people's lives and livelihoods at risk. We believe designing solutions to improve people's lives is key to finding a hopeful and lasting impact in this unprecedented time."

The solutions will be submitted from October 5th to December 18th and judged by an independent jury of design experts and thought leaders across Latin America. The five winners of the challenge will be announced in February 2021 and automatically placed in the running for Index Award 2021, which will be celebrated in September 2021.

For details, visit the competition page (Spanish).