📆 Event: 'In our nature'
Exploring the role of art, design and science in an age of crisis with MoMa Curator Paola Antonelli

Through centuries, humankind has striven for the next, the renewed and most efficient. But, it has come at a cost. It has brought us into the age of the Anthropocene, the geological era where our bond with nature has been broken and human ego rules. We find ourselves amid a crisis and facing the looming prospect of extinction.

If the solution isn't to backtrack but to repair, how can art, design and science unite to create new ways for humans to collaborate, learn from and co-exist with nature?

In collaboration with IDA and Art Hub Copenhagen, join us online for 'In our nature' with Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator and Director of R&D at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Paola is a celebrated curator, author and avid speaker on the power of design and art and is recognised as one of the most influential people in the industry. She's behind the 'Broken Nature' exhibition at the XXII and recently launched Design Emergency with design author Alice Rawsthorn, which dives into designing for pandemics.

Tune in for the discussion on Zoom, moderated by The Index Project's CEO Liza Chong, at 15:00 CET, September 21st, 2020. Places are limited - first-come, first-served. Sign up here!

  • 15:00-15:05: Welcome by Liza Chong
  • 15:05-15:30: Paola Antonelli presents her thoughts on Broken Nature, Design Emergency and the role of design in the current crisis
  • 15:30-15:45: Questions from a panel in the fields of design, science and art
  • 15:45-15:58: Questions from participants
  • 15:58-16:00: Thank you and goodbye