Combined City Vehicle (CCV)
The project was prepared for a final diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in warsaw, at the Industrial Design Faculty in 2001. It was supervised by Michal Stefanowski. This vehicle is designed to integrate the handicapped person on the wheelchair with another person. This way the handicapped can be more mobile and can use the cycling roads.

Functionality and use of design
The Combined City Vehicles is stored at handicapped person’s home, the cart and a frame are detached. Before leaving home the driver (a guardian) helps to transfer the passenger from a regular cart to his travel cart. When they are outside the driver attaches the frame to the cart. To move the CCV the driver should push the vehicle. There are two ways to stop the vehicle. One is by front disc brake (if can also be used by a passenger) and by rear brake in the hub of the rear wheel used only by a driver. When the frame is detached in order to stabilize the cart it has to folded arms with wheels in the front and rear. They are used only when the cart is free. This way the cart cam be pushed by the guardian or moved by passenger himself. When during the trip there is a need to use a car, the driver should help the handicapped to drive up to the door and help him enter the car. Afterwards the driver should detach the frame and the cart, collapse them and put them to the luggage carrier.

How did this design improve life?
The main idea of this project is to make the everyday outside trips for handicapped using wheelchair longer and unlimited. This way it is possible for a handicapped to participate in an all-day family trip without any discomfort. In any time, when needed the vehicle can be dispatched and used as a wheelchair giving the ability to reach a store, cinema or post office.

Drawbacks of life improvement

Research and need
The main idea is to improve the way that handicapped with lower body parts disabilities move . From my observance most of the families who live with a disabled person can only go for short trips. A standard wheelchair is not adapted for long and comfortable walk (they are designed to be pushed). Using the riksha solution, it is possible to pedal instead of push. This way the companion in comfortable and healthy way can take his handicapped friend for along and unlimited ride. Combining a bicycle with a wheelchair helps to bring together two worlds.

Designed by
Jacek Figarski - Poland