AXN 300 & AXN 500 Outdoor Computers
The modern, sportive design of the AXN series is the result of Polar´s product-development. Rounded forms, distinct displays and graphic design and an integrated wristband are combined with the latest information technology. Data can be transferred wirelessly to PC´s or compatible Nokia mobile devices with the Polar WearLink belt transmitter.

Functionality and use of design
AXN models have numerous measurement functions. An altimeter records current elevation, the trend and the speed ascent or descent. It can be used for location on a map. A barometer, hearth-rate monitor and compass, among other things, are included in these light outdoor-computers.

How did this design improve life?
The outdoor computers of the Polar AXN series have been developed for various outdoor sports for both professional and amateur use. Especially designed for snow sports, the Polar AXN300 outdoor computer can be used to analyze and measure downhill runs, slope speed downhill and uphill, changing weather conditions and personal energy consumption. The stainless-steel AXN500 is a wrist-held computer especially designed for hiking and trekking. It permits the user to keep track of personal progress, energy level, fluid balance and direction, and to take into account changing weather conditions.

Drawbacks of life improvement

Research and need
Founded in 1977 Polar Electro has many years´ experience in product development for outdoor and fitness equipments. New aspects of product development are to be found in details and materials that have become increasingly lighter with no compromises in terms of quality. High-standard, durable materials, inlcuding titanium, are used. The new data collecting possibilities to keep track of personal progress, energy level, fluid balance and direction are easily available in these equipments.

Designed by
Olli Komulainen & Lauri Lumme - Finland