The global platform securing the next generation of farmers

The increasing urban population, projected to reach 1.2 billion by 2030, will cause massive strains on the world’s food supply. In essence, there will be fewer people in agricultural production and many more consumers. A paradigm shift is needed in the current food production model and small farmers, who will need to produce much more in the future, are a key component of the equation.

The AGRIBUDDY platform helps remote farmers get the highest productivity and efficiency from their farms. Dubbed the 'farmer's best friend', the platform aims to "connect the next billion" to educate and sustain the next generation of farmers. The platform provides a variety of knowledge and tools, from information on crop care through to market intelligence and updates on the latest agriculture technologies. Additionally, Agribuddy also provides its own credit scoring function to improve access to finance for purchasing agricultural resources.

Agribuddy was founded by Kengo Kitaura and is now managed by a diverse and skilled team from Japan, Cambodia, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam. To date, the platform is used 50,000 local farmers while employing over 600 rural entrepreneurs (Buddies) to provide technical assistance. By 2020, Agribuddy plans to support one million farmers, managed by a network of 50,000 trained Buddies, to increase small farmer crop yields in developing countries by 50-100%.