Yellowone Handsafe
Wearable alcohol dispenser prevents hospital deaths

To avoid serious infections from spreading in hospitals – killing millions every year – a Danish entrepreneur designed a simple alcohol dispenser that medical staff can carry around everywhere.

Every year hospital-related infections kill 16 million patients around the world – more than AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. And even though proper hand hygiene contributes significantly to patient safety – a well-known fact – hygiene compliance among staff is currently only at 40%.

Studies show that there are two main reasons for 60% of the staff not washing their hands: 1) Hand hygiene is a procedure that takes a lot of time. 2) Mobility is very high, so staff skip hand washing or hand disinfection when an emergency or unpredictable situation occurs – or when they are simply too busy.

Yellowone Handsafe is a wearable, alcohol-based hand rub dispenser that provides health-care staff with easy access to hand cleansing without having to leave the patient zone. The dispenser is fixed onto a doctor’s coat and the user simply reaches for his or her pocket, squeezes the container gently, and antiseptic alcohol gel is dispensed into the palm.

In a simple, yet highly effective way, Yellowone Handsafe facilitates the right action to occur at the right time in the right way, as recommended by The World Health Organisation. It improves hand hygiene by supporting and promoting correct procedures among the staff and in the end, it could save millions of lives.

Designed by
Han Pham - Denmark