Tesla Roadster
The icon that made electric cars cool

Two years after the Tesla Roadster rolled into the dreams of auto lovers who care about the environment – and stopped to pick up the coveted The Index Award 2007 in the Play category – its company is in the news again.

Spring 2009 has seen the unveiling of the Tesla Model S, also electric, also emission-free… and also pricey, yes, but only about half the sticker shock of the Roadster. Where the mighty Roadster starts at US$101,500 you can wear the Model S home for US$49,000.

While we become quickly accustomed these days to humanitarian organizations and movements being aimed primarily at the developing world where we typically find the most direly needy, we are looking for designs that improve life wherever issues arise.

And the issue at hand is the fact that one-third of the world’s CO2 emissions stem from transportation, thus making electrical cars needed.

The Tesla Roadster is an entirely electric vehicle, with zero emissions and zero-to-100 km/h acceleration in four seconds. The Roadster is the first production electric vehicle to incorporate a 350+ km range per charge, and with a fuel efficiency equivalent of almost 60 km per literand gorgeous styling, the Tesla Roadster proves that electric cars can be cool and fun to drive. The battery recharges in three-and-a-half hours, which might raise your electricity bill, but because of its mileage, driving the Roadster actually costs less than one cent per kilometer.

Normally, a new car brand penetrates the market at mid-level price, affordable for many. However, to rid electricity powered cars of their golf cart reputations and make them objects of desire, this stylish Tesla sportscar targets the high-end market.

In Denmark, we are hopeful of a Tesla bike in the works.