Cloud-connected motors that breathe new life into your old and cherished items

Consumerism is currently at an all-time high with old products being disposed of and new products introduced in the millions every day. As a result, landfill sites are increasingly filled with perfectly usable household items and appliances - a big contributing factor to the environmental issues we’re all facing. 

In particular, the smart home industry is booming - everyone who can afford it wants to streamline their life with smarter functionalities. The industry was worth €25 billion in 2017, and by 2022, it’s expected to grow to €52.5 billion.

Smartians are cloud-connected motors that are easily attached to your 'dumb' household appliances. These little add-ons (to press, push, pull, turn and more), combined with an app, allow you to control your household appliances from afar. They’re like an API to the physical world, giving you the freedom to make your home smart.

Smartians work intuitively and can be easily snapped onto the universal base and adjusted for any position allowing for full flexibility. The design translates rotational movement from the motor into several other movements and directions. Meaning they can do almost anything the user can do with their hands. 

The Hub is connected to the cloud and controls all the Smartians in the home. Triggers can be based on location, timers, or using services like IFTTT. Want to control your lighting wirelessly? Need a remotely controlled fish feeder? Smartians have got you covered.

Designers: Frolic Studio - The Netherlands
UN SDGs: Responsible production and consumption & Sustainable cities and communities

Smartians from The Index Project on Vimeo. Music: Lee Rosevere