Smart Contact Lenses
A tiny chip to change the lives of diabetics

Eliminate the pain, time, and inconvenience of checking blood glucose levels for diabetics. No more blood, only tears.

Smart Contact Lenses measure the glucose levels in tear fluid rather than requiring diabetics to prick their skin and sample blood multiple times per day. This technology eliminates the need for frequent disruptions that hamper productivity and painful tests that are traditionally used in measuring glucose levels.

Diabetes already affects a massive number of people, and unfortunately that number is only rising. The condition drastically alters the every day lives of those who suffer from it, but much of the inconvenience can be eliminated with a tiny chip of technology in their eye.

The contact lens equipped with a glitter-sized chip would actively send information about fluctuating glucose levels to the user’s device via an antenna thinner than a human hair. Designs to alert people of dangerous spikes or dips in their glucose levels using tiny LED light indicators within the lens are also in development.

Taking the pain and interruption out of checking glucose levels might mean that diabetics are more likely to consistently track levels and take more control of their health. Scientists believe that measuring glucose in body fluid, like tears, might offer more accurate data than previous blood test methods.

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