Turning ropes and fishing nets into green plastic

Plastic. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. While many are trying to change that last claim by finding alternate resources, there are companies out there making the most of a bad situation. Plastix is one of them. By transforming used fishing nets, ropes and used rigid plastic into high-quality raw plastic materials, they’re giving companies an opportunity to take a stance. 

“There’s a growing recognition that addressing the symptoms through clean-ups is not enough,” explains Hans Axel Christensen, CEO. “A systemic shift tackling the root causes is required.”

Plastix’s revamped and innovative products, which they call Green Plastic, not only contribute to a more circular economy but also prevent valuable resources from being lost. They recognise that while plastic is an environmental burden, it’s still a highly useful material.

The company collaborates directly with NGOs, public authorities, the maritime industry, collectors, net/rope producers and fishermen to both capture and recycle plastic in the best possible way. To their customers, they provide Plastix Solutions, which are tailor-made solutions for each company's individual needs. This prioritising of clients needs enables better circumstances for companies to produce innovative products made from Plastix’s recycled material.

"There’s a growing recognition that addressing the symptoms through clean-ups is not enough.”

Plastix has proudly incorporated six of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into its business strategy and is now an industry frontrunner within a growing global movement.

“Our vision is to provide sustainable solutions for preventative action, to combat plastic pollution and ensure cleaner environments and oceans,” says CEO Hans Axel Christensen.

By giving a new life to used plastic, Plastix is contributing to the reduction of waste to landfill and ocean plastic waste, while cutting down on CO2 emissions. In fact, by using their Green Plastics, companies can reduce their own emissions by up to 95%.

With more than 380 million tonnes of plastic in the world that aren’t degradable, it’s important we make sure we don’t waste it. As a part of their business strategy and ‘Operation Clean Sweep’, Plastix is initiating a transition where used plastic never becomes waste and is always the first choice instead of virgin plastic.

Designers: Plastix - Denmark
UN SDGs: Industry, innovation and infrastructure & Responsible production and consumption

Plastix from The Index Project on Vimeo. Music: Lee Rosevere