The alternative to major, and expensive, operating systems

Functionality and use of design
Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world.

Linux is written and distributed under the GNU General Public License which means that its source code is freely-distributed and available to the general public. Making the code available in this way means that everybody can access the code and learn to understand it – instead of having the core of your daily means of communication hidden.

How did this design improve life?

  • Linux 2.6 is nominated for INDEX: Award as an example of the world wide free and open collaborative software movement.
  • In a democratic society it’s is of great importance that acces to the inner core of communication is not a question of your financial means.
  • In modern time the core is the code and systems like LINUX makes this code available for everybody throughout the world.

Drawbacks of life improvement
The same as in other software.

Research and need
In 1991, Linus Torvalds posted his first usenet message announcing that he was going to release some source code for a unix-like kernel for other people to work with. Over the course of the next 9 years, Linux has gathered the support of 1000s of kernel, application and documentation developers. That mass of people supporting Linux grows even today.

Sometime in late 1992, Michael McLagan became involved with Linux as a user. Getting involved in online discussions with other enthusiasts and developers, it became clear that Linux was a technology with some real potential. Knowing that the lack of a central organization to support Linux would be one of its drawbacks, he registered the domain in May 1994.

With the help of many Linux enthusiasts a web site was put online where people could come and find out what Linux was. The site has always been based on the contributions of its visitors. To this day LINUX count on visitors to let them know when links need updating, what is new in the community and how they can better promote Linux to interested people.

Designed by
Linus Torvalds - USA