iMac G5
The space-saving all-in-one computer

Functionality and use of design
Adjustments to the iMac’s display viewing angle can be made by the touch of a finger for comfortable and personalized use. The iMac is easy to move from room to room with its small footprint, slim enclosure and wireless capabilities.

How did this design improve life?
The new iMac G5 makes the ultimate statement in design simplicity. Form truly follows function. The entire computer, including the power supply and slot-load optical drive, is built right into the display and rests on a sleek aluminum foot. All the I/O ports line up neatly along the rear right side for easy access, and with optional AirPort® Extreme and Bluetooth wireless modules, there’s no more cable clutter. With its elegantly thin profile, compact footprint and whisper-quiet operation (less than 25 dB), the new iMac G5 is the perfect fit for any room in the home or office.

All of these features allow the iMac G5 to be used where other desktop computers simply won’t fit. This brings the speed and power of the G5 processor to dorm rooms, kitchen counters and other space-deprived locations. Its light weight and wireless capabilities also make the iMac G5 a dream to transport from room to room, while the display’s viewing angle can be adjusted to the user with a slight touch.

For newer computer users, the iMac G5’s elegant and straight-forward all–in-one design makes using a computer less intimidating. For all users, its stunning appearance makes using it more inviting. It inspires people to place the iMac G5 in more prominent places in the home, and thus encourages more frequent use, including staying in touch with loved ones via email and iChat AV.

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Designed by
Apple Industrial Design Team - USA