Changing the way the world understands agriculture

A lack of reliable data on agriculture in Africa has hobbled investment and growth in the sector. Africa, for example, has more than half of the world’s unused arable land, and 65% of the continent’s workforce works in agriculture. Yet less than 1% of outstanding commercial bank loans actually go to the agricultural sector.

Gro is a web-based product that pulls together global food and agriculture data and structures it into a common language using a custom built system. The trillions of data points represent the most comprehensive collection of agricultural data in a single product. On top of this data sits an extensive layer of analytical tools and visualizations. Gro also offers a suite of machine learning models to forecast supply, demand, and environmental catastrophes, and enables users to extract insights and access predictive analytics at an unprecedented scale.

In addition to helping financial industry customers analyze opportunities, Gro helps government policy makers, farmers, buyers, food producers, and logistics providers to plan, invest, and forecast with unprecedented accuracy. Gro's data is not only connected, it’s evolving. An incredible chain reaction of new insights and richer data will not only lead to a more comprehensive picture of data, but pave the way for the future of agriculture, food security and the global economy.