The Index Project
Index Award 2017 Finalists
Sustainable, vertical ocean farming

Nearly 90 percent of large fish stocks are threatened by over-fishing, and global per capita fish consumption has doubled since 1960. This is a major problem for the 3.5 billion people dependent on the ocean as their primary food source. A recent study suggests that if nothing changes in the way we fish today, we will run out of seafood by 2048.

GreenWave is a revolutionary ocean farming system designed to restore ocean ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and create jobs for fishermen - while providing healthy, local food for communities. At the heart of GreenWave is an ocean farm consisting of differently shaped fishing nets, mussel “socks”, oyster cages and fish traps, in which you farm fish, shellfish and seaweed. Each species in the farm is carefully selected to address a certain environmental challenge. Such as oysters who can fix excess nitrogen through a natural filtration process, and seaweed that soaks up five times more carbon dioxide than land-based plants.

Requiring zero input, Greenwave farms are designed to have an extremely negative carbon footprint - and an extremely positive impact on local and global waters. The farms are designed to be easily scalable and each new farm requires a minimal initial skill set and low capital costs. The farms are designed to be community spaces where anyone can fish, ensuring that our oceans remain beautiful and pristine spaces, and communal sources of food.