Fiskars Universal Convenience Cutter
A solution that's more efficient and easier to use than traditional pruners and loppers

Functionality and use of design
The work can be made with less muscle strain due to parallell handle movement. The ergonomically designed plastic pull handle slides smoothly and gives good grip for the hand, preventing it from slipping. The tool can be used with one hand, while using both hands is ergonomically lighter.

How did this design improve life?
The Fiskars universal Convenience Cutter make the gardening work easier with less strain on the arm and finger muscles. It has a larger working area than traditional pruners and is easier to use in limited space than bulky loppers. It has a power level mechanism with three grip positions for different use, for precision grip, reach grip and power grip. The ease of working and the adaptability of the tool were particularly noted in tests. It can be used with one hand while using both hands is ergonomically lighter.

Drawbacks of life improvement

Research and need
For many years, Fiskars has invested effort in developing high-quality gardening tools. The work contains thorough knowledge of how the human muscles behave, how the materials used behave and how the users want to behave when gardening. The gear mechanism is designed to increase cutting power. The pruners are packaged to be hung in shops from a minimum-sized plastic holder and piece of cardboard protecting the blade.

Designed by
Olavi Lindén & Markus Paloheimo - Finland