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Index Award 2011 Finalists
Ambulight Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
A portable, disposable photodynamic therapy device for skin cancer treatment

The number of skin cancer lesions requiring treatment is doubling every ten years as individuals live longer and are affected by the consequences of excessive sun exposure. The occurrence of non-malignant skin cancer continues to grow rapidly and now affects 15% of the UK, 40% of the USA and 75% of the Australian populations during their lifetimes.

Historically, the treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) required the patient to stay in a hospital for a day, with heavy equipment and time consuming medical attention. The design of the Ambulight reduces the need for medical attention, freeing clinical staff for other duties. The portability of the device allows the patient to continue day to day activities while undertaking treatment. The Ambulight is simple to administer and requires no input from the patient. Moreover, it avoids the scarring caused by surgical removal of tumors and the need for an in-hospital stay.

Designed by
Chris Althorpe and Greg Clark - United Kingdom