A smart watch to help detect seizures

More people die of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) than of house fires every year. And just like every home has a smoke detector, everyone with epilepsy should have a device that alerts people in their vicinity so that they can promptly provide assistance when needed. Around 50 million people in the world currently live with epilepsy, according to the World Health Organization. That is more than autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease combined. For many, dealing with life-threatening seizures is a challenge and a daily reality.

The ultra-thin Embrace watch is linked to the wearer’s mobile device with a Bluetooth® connection. This connection allows our systems to analyze the information and detect unusual events like convulsive seizures in real-time. The Alert app will be automatically activated when an event is detected by the Embrace watch. The App will send an alert notification to your caregivers using the mobile device’s cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

The Empatica systems will then notify your caregivers one after the other to communicate the alert and ask if they can help. They only need a mobile phone with signal to receive these notifications, no smartphone required. Your caregivers will be notified through an automated call and SMS. You can add multiple caregivers into the App so that there is always someone who can help you.

Embrace Watch’s Indiegogo campaign raised over $780K to bring the design to market. The company also has partnered with the Epilepsy Foundation and plans to give an Embrace watch to children and families who can't afford them.