Transforming sunshine into water

People's Choice Award winner, Desolenator, came out on top after an international vote between all 2015 Finalists held on Denmark's most popular media website, DR. We received an amazing response, with over 13,000 votes registered!

While many water purifying solutions have been developed over the years, new device Desolenator is set to be one of the most effective, affordable and environmentally friendly designs to hit the market. Using breakthrough technology, the device could provide freshwater for up to a billion people.

The mobile desalinator runs purely on energy from the sun and purifies any type of water – even seawater. It’s easy to use, low cost, and one unit can provide a family with 15 liters of clean water per day. Designed for use in almost any scenario, the device includes high performance solar panels, an LCD display unit, robust casing and alloys, as well as a remote monitoring system among a number of other features. Simply fill the device with contaminated water, roll it in the sun and allow it to go through the purifying process.

Once again, a congratulations to Desolenator for taking out the title! And a big thank you DR for hosting the People’s Choice Award poll!