A screen-less coding toy for 3-year-olds

Coding is a basic 21st-century skill, and should be introduced in the same way as we do reading or arithmetic, starting at preschool level. It should be accessible to both girls and boys, of all cultures, all over the world in order for them to become creators - and not just consumers - of digital technology.

Cubetto offers the world the first tangible programming language specifically designed for children ages 3 and up. It’s a hands-on, screen-less coding system; an inclusive solution that merges LOGO Turtle-inspired programming, with Montessori learning principles. It limits instructions to their purest form, avoiding letters and numbers, removing the barrier of abstraction and language from programming. The tangible and sonic nature of the Cubetto also makes it the first coding toy to work for both sighted and non-sighted children alike. It was designed using natural materials for a haptic and warm experience.

The path to a child's mind is through her hands, and Cubetto was designed based on three main insights: 1) Children learn by play 2) are motivated by challenges 3) cannot abstract. Cubetto lowers the age of entry for coding, introducing programming to ages 3+ in a healthy, age-appropriate manner, and is currently used by more than 20,000 parents and educators in 96 countries around the world.