Bento Lab
The first ever laptop-sized DNA laboratory

Technologies are considered a main driver of economic growth in the coming decades. In 2003, the human genome was sequenced, and humanity might soon engineer its own DNA. However, in a post-factual society, aversion to genetics is rising, while trust and hands-on participation in bio-science is decreasing.
 This is a challenge that needs to be addressed, if we are to realize the potential benefits of biotech and steer its progress towards global development and equality.

Bento Lab is an all-in-one DNA laboratory that combines the essential tools for DNA analysis at a fraction of their usual cost. It includes a laboratory centrifuge designed to extract DNA at high forces, a thermo-cycler for polymerase chain reaction, and a gel electrophoresis chamber, power supply and trans-illuminator for imaging. It currently costs less than a tenth of a comparable set up, and was designed to be easy to use; which is particularly empowering for beginners, who can practice the practical skills of biosciences work at their own speed

When technologies become democratized, innovation accelerates.
 Bento enables non-experts to have a hands-on relationship with genetics, and the design impacts everybody from schools educators, to agriculturists, to citizen scientists. Bento Lab aims to nurture curiosity in genetics, catalyze inclusive and accessible research, and thus help lay groundwork for using genetics as a tool in tackling world crises. Bento Lab is in production, and is expected to begin shipping to 30+ countries by June 2017.