Smiling Entry
Rotating car seat designed this way provides an easy way to enter into any car.
Smiling Entry to any car with Rotating car seat. The essence of this design is that you get in the car so by simply sit on a rotating plate, and along with it rotate for 90 degrees, smile, and start the engine. Design can be used on any passenger car. It does not encroach to the existing aesthetics and characteristics of individual cars. In an easy way we can bring air-conditioned air under the seat. I first started thinking about this idea during a long and tiring ride, for my back especially. From the car seat I expect to help me in this situation. This design is also great for easy and frequent getting in and out of the car, it adapts itself to you. The design is related to the basis of a car seat which now will consist of two parts: Molded plastic case with a round opening at the top, and poured plastic plate which, at its periphery, has a groove into which are inserted plastic balls so that all together can rotate around the perimeter. (Rotating plate)