Wi-Charge transmits energy via infrared radiation.
Wi-Charge transmits energy via infrared radiation, forming a completely safe energy beam that is converted into electricity by a photovoltaic cell in the receiver. Any receiver-enabled device can be powered in this way.Due to its inherent safety, long range, and small form-factor, Wi-Charge technology is ideally suited for seamless charging of mobile devices and appliances. A single transmitter can cover an entire “hot-spot” area in which client devices are automatically charged. Wi-Charge wireless charging is unrestricted. The device being charged can be in any position or orientation and the user can be in motion or still. Charging continues whether or not the device is in use. The only requirement is line-of-sight between transmitter and receiver. Of the technologies available today, only magnetic induction (tightly-coupled or loosely-coupled) and Wi-Charge’s innovating technology are able to supply enough power to charge mobile devices.