Robohand is a 3D printed prosthetics with an open-source design for everyone to contribute to it.
Robohand creates 3D printed and aluminium CNC machined, anatomically driven, custom fitted, functional mechanical devices to help limb different individuals as an alternative to standard prosthetics. With the advances in technology Robohand turned to 3D printing as a cost effective, quick way of prototyping. 3D printing has a potential to create endless possibilities, and Robohand created an aluminum 3D printed prosthetics. The first successful prototype was published in January 2013 with the design being published open source. Between January and November 2013, Robohand has launched the Robofinger and Roboarm. Robohand makes use of an online platform called Thingiverse where you can download the free designs for Robohand. We published an assembly manual on the same platform for 3D enthusiasts to create their own basic Robohand.