Purveyor of Premium Chinese Tea and education provider to children in need.
Man Cha is an independent tea company based in Hong Kong. Mr and Mrs Man started Man Cha ?? in 2013. They want to expose the world to premium loose leaf teas and traditional tea culture, that is not experienced outside Asia. Over a period of 8 years, they have travelled to numerous tea farms and markets in Asia to taste and source the most delicious loose leaf teas available. They have sampled hundreds of teas and have only accepted the highest quality, which meet their obsessive standards. They are striving to share the benefits of tea and tea culture with their customers. As former teachers they are also passionate about educating children. They want to provide the best Chinese tea to the world in order to give education back to impoverished children. Their dream is to provide education to children and promote literacy. They hope children can make informed decisions on their lives, which will in turn improve the lives of generations to come.