The Trench Factory
TTF makes one-of-a-kind upcycled coats with handmade artwork by selected independent artists
How does it work?
TTF sources the 2nd hand coats sustainably, and locally, then pass these on to selected artists who will create their own 'design' on the piece, eg, painting the back or the entire coat, or embroidering patterns (as they prefer). TTF then remunerates the artist based on the number of coats and sells these in smaller drops to clients. The drops are consistent of 2-3 coats each, they are numbered and have the artist's name on the label. The purpose is to offer the clients a new way of dressing, bringing art out to the streets, with unique handpainted coats, an anti-fast-fashion statement, and the height of personal and one-of-a-kind dressing. The concept also allows the artists a new outlet for their art, increasing their target range and a new purpose from only being seen in people's homes to being worn in the streets of different cities.
Why is it needed?
Seeing the vintage fairs and stores, the amount of 2nd hand clothing is enormous. This gives an actual surplus of free coats to be upcycled, creating a higher value with The Trench Factory than before. We hereby increase the lifecycle of every single piece. We don't want any clothing going to obsolescence(5th stage), which is why the hand-painted unique artwork is key, as art pieces are kept for life, and never get disposed of. The fact that we are selling a storytelling increases the emotional value of the garment, for the wearer who will care for the piece and keep it for a longer time. We aim to fight the fast fashion industry by proposing this unique option of coats carrying the artist's vision. As many young artists may be struggling with selling their art and breaking through we hope to help these to increase their target range and show their work through a new media. We manifest that our products always are one-of-a-kind and to be kept forever!
How does it improve life?
The design touches more people and places: 1. The design improves life by offering a much more sustainable solution for the client's wardrobe and gives them a product to care for and keep - opposite of the mentality in the fast fashion business. 2. The concept touches the artists who will take on a new little adventure with TTF, by trying a new media, inspiring them to broaden their work channels. It gives them some additional income and gives them both complementary awareness and the goal is to broaden their client base as well. 3. The design helps to upcycle the existing 2nd hand and surplus coats which are not used and not as valued as they will be by the TTF clientele 4. We know that art is good for mental health. Bringing it out to the streets we hope to bring positivity and inspiration to the wearer as well as the person passing them and seeing their coats. (Source: