Gecko Traxx
Portable off-road access for wheelchair users
How does it work?
It is a portable and affordable manual wheelchair accessory that enables off-road access. The system consists of unique, flexible tires that wrap around existing on-road tires, the unique cross-section is unobtrusive when fitted to the wheelchair and expands when in contact with the ground, increasing the contact surface area by three times only where needed.
Why is it needed?
Access to natural environments are complicated and uncomfortable for wheelchair-users, current options available are expensive, invasive and don’t provide an adequate level of independence.
How does it improve life?
Gecko Traxx works across a wide range of terrains including; sand, snow, soft grass and gravel. The simple, integrated clip can be used even with limited dexterity and enables the individual to fit the tyres to their wheelchair independently without the need to transfer out of the wheelchair. Gecko Traxx allows travel and access to the outdoors and natural environment to be easy and spontaneous; enabling positive social engagement within the wider community.