Music out of the box
An open source music teaching aid for kids.
How does it work?
The design combines computer science, art, and music knowledge. It arranges the topics into a systematic course and encourages open-source content for teachers. MOOTB seeks to teach students how to work with sensors, methods of structures, and understand music itself while learning to play instruments. The design is separated into three sections: hardware sensors, software composing, and exterior design, it has the option of using different components like buzzers, micro switches, or touch sensors. The instruments use Arduino as the microprocessor, and they are made with cardboard, so the child can choose which design to make.
Why is it needed?
Some countries have implemented educational courses starting from specific subjects, but this method doesn't guarantee continuity and follow-up between lessons. As a result, institutions have started to use thematic and didactic teaching to design courses that reduce the boundaries between subjects.
How does it improve life?
It provides a theoretical and practical experience that allows students to analyze, understand and build their musical instruments. The design gathers musical, electronic and crafts knowledge.