Educational game that seeks to strengthen the understanding of mathematics in elementary students
How does it work?
-Destino aventura- is a set of educational materials that seek to strengthen the understanding of mathematical thinking and basic operations in students from 3rd to 5th grade. The game is divided into 2 modules and 5 activities in which players must solve situations that occur in the preparation and realization of a trip using mathematical thinking
Why is it needed?
Mathematics is one of the subjects that students are least enthusiastic about, rejecting it because they consider it difficult, abstract and because they do not see a direct practical application in their daily lives. In this sense, there is a need for learning tools that increase students' interest in mathematics and allow them to relate it to the situations they experience in their daily lives.
How does it improve life?
Mathematics are the basis of various skills such as music, analytical thinking, reasoning ability, logic, among others. So, by developing a didactic material that strengthens the understanding of mathematics, the basic training of children is being improved, which has an impact on what they are going to do in the future. There will be more more and better engineering and science students, and ultimately, more independent adults.