Language learning programs for both adult and young learners
How does it work?
Cakap offers an extensive variety of foreign language learning programs for both adult and young learners to promote their English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean language competences, as well as other vocational programs. The following are various learning methods at Cakap based on LIVE interaction with professional teachers: Cakap Private – a feature of 1 on 1 or private online classes between local, foreign, and native teachers and students, to practice foreign language skills according to student needs.
Why is it needed?
In the 21st Century knowing a second language is not only beneficial, but necessary for success in life. The continual globalization of the world’s economy is bringing diverse cultures and communities into more frequent contact with each other. The ease of global travel and the internet have collapsed the barrier of distance that once kept the world’s communities separate. From the corporate marketplace to the individual consumer, from the pre-schools to universities, from the beach vacationer to the global jet set, the world community has become integrated and interdependent. Institutions of higher learning are scrutinizing applicants to identify future world leaders. Employers and businesses are seeking applicants who can navigate the modern global economy. It is through learning another language that students can develop both these skill sets.
How does it improve life?
The company offers a revolutionary new approach to language learning that combines live instruction with native teachers and multimedia-learning content customized to each learner. It allows students to study from home or the office and to avoid inconvenient scheduling, long commute times, high tuition costs, and outdated books.