Recover-In - bringing home to the office
Recover-in is a piece of office furniture, where you can seek privacy.
How does it work?
Recover-in isolates the users visual and hearings inputs, to calm the user down. It is uses a curtains, where you can adjust how much privacy you want and is made of soundproofing material. The materials is made of old plastic bottles that is then rewoven into PET felt sheets.
Why is it needed?
The design of an open plan office has a direct influence on the employees’ productivity. Working in an open plan office tends to reduce productivity from 15% to 28 % and influence the overall health, where noise and disturbances are the key sources to stress. Accelerated by Corona, hybrid work is the new black within working style, providing a more flexible work structure for the employee. Working from home created the right conditions for immersion that was missing at the open offices. Coming back to work therefore calls for a new way of designing our offices, together with new types of office furniture, that fits with the flexibility of working hybrid.
How does it improve life?
Recover-in can create privacy where there is none. There is many reasons for humans to have privacy, if a person needs to brestfeed a baby, if you are close to getting a anxiety attack, or just need a break from the noise and inputs around you. This can help to improve work life balance. From the studies into the Issue, the only place where a person, in a working environment, can have total privacy is in the bathroom. Recover-in will bring a better solution to this need, by giving the user the opportunity to seek privacy in a comfortable way.