Platform for preventing prescription drug addiction and misuse
How does it work?
The Addinex dispenser does not allow a patient to access the next pill until the minimum time interval has passed based on the prescription. For example, one pill 2-4 times per day allows one pill every six hours. Each dose requires a unique passcode that matches only the patient with the device. Passcodes are only released to the actual user and on the prescription's schedule. All passcodes must be requested through our digital database via our mobile app, web app, text, or call-in service. The request process is quick and easy. The Addinex dispenser has no electronics making it very cost effective. All of the patient specific features of the system are accessed via the related App or other methods.
Why is it needed?
Doctors write over 140 million opioid prescriptions annually to 50 million Americans. 10 million people misuse opioids, over 2 million people are addicted, and 80% of heroin users started on prescription opioids. For the first time ever, overdose deaths exceeded 100,000, including 3/4 from opioids which is more than from car accidents. The Addinex team is focused on preventing opioid misuse, addiction, and overdose, and treating those with Opioid Use Disorder.
How does it improve life?
Addinex has developed a low-cost, patented opioid dispensing system to prevent prescription drug misuse with: password-protected dosage access, real-time patient education, excess medication destruction, and data feedback on actual usage patterns. Like the proven efficacy of seatbelts in cars and helmets for motorcyclists, our system adds a level of protection for useful, but potentially dangerous medications.