Step Up Society
Mobile app tackling harassment in Cairo
How does it work?
The "Step Up Society" app uses reports from users to build up a map of safer areas and those that are not, as well as help women access support if they're attacked or abused. Safety is ensured by providing multiple tools to report assaulters and providing a color-coded navigation system that allows users to identify safe/dangerous areas alongside help from volunteers joining the application that can accompany users to their destinations.
Why is it needed?
"Sexual harassment is a severe problem in Egypt. The country ranks first in the Arab World; 42% reported verbal harassment, and 29% reported physical harassment across gender." The aim is to create an "anti-harassment social squad" through the app, which allows survivors of harassment to anonymously pin locations where they have experienced harassment and tell their stories.
How does it improve life?
Step up society is an initiative to help decrease harassment by enabling citizens to identify safe and dangerous areas in their countries. Because sexual harassment is an apparent and current problem in many cities, this project is a part of a movement that fights for human rights, equality and safety in these locations.