Inclusive Electric Shared Mobility Device for Hong Kong in 2040
How does it work?
The design analyzes the raising of the aging population, public health crisis, and transit congestion. It can switch to different modes (Sport, Commute, Support, and Companion mode.), which have different maneuver methods and body support functions for users with different mobile capabilities. The in-built linear actuators and motors allow riders to switch modes and make adjustments entirely with the app.
Why is it needed?
Micro-mobility is not utilized as a mode of transit in Hong Kong due to poor infrastructure and the adaptability to narrow urban areas. In addition, the current shared mobility platform excludes most of the inactive users and is unable to deliver an efficient management system. Hence, there is an unmet need for a new mobility system that guarantees inclusivity, hygiene, and seamless transportation with a flexible parking system.
How does it improve life?
STRIA is a systemic and strategic design proposal that considers the current and future mobility challenges in Hong Kong. The modular station is packed with a disinfection function that guarantees hygiene, and double wireless charging walls which save space and improve mobility efficiency.