Lose Yourself
A necklace that communicates music through vibrations, aimed at deaf people.
How does it work?
It is a necklace that converts music into vibrations, which is done by mapping musical waves and separating them into highs and lows through the "Max" program. The information is transmitted to the Arduino IDE, which then sends the signal to vibrators located in the collar. The interface is placed at the rib cage as a means of transmitting and amplifying these vibrations through a large part of the body.
Why is it needed?
The problem arises for those who cannot afford the current assistive devices, which cost around 50,000 US dollars, have a lifespan of 5 years, and need constant repairs. Music is a popular form of expression and recreation, so the collar is an accessory that increases the user's perception of sound and as a piece of jewelry, it can be worn on any occasion.
How does it improve life?
Society needs inclusive actions and products to achieve an egalitarian world that isn't only designed for people who have all physical senses. Music is an art that has been part of human life for centuries, it manages to combine sounds in temporal sequence, achieving harmony, melody and rhythm but it also involves an emotional connection. The design provides an alternative for deaf people, so they can feel the music.