A closed-loop recycling programme with a difference
How does it work?
There is no formal waste management system in Uganda. This results in the majority of plastic waste being burnt or buried in unsafe landfills, which puts both the environment and people's health at risk. However, since 2017, we've been working to change this. Our circular system, based on the idea of purchasing plastic from the community and recycling all waste into new products, is allowing us to recycle huge volumes of plastic and create thousands of green jobs for the community. In partnership with the community, we've recycled 457 tonnes of plastic waste that's the equivalent of 19,194,000 500ml plastic bottles.
Why is it needed?
The disposal of plastic waste is one of Uganda's biggest challenges. There are no formal waste collection services. Over 600 tonnes of plastic is disposed of every day, with over 90% of it ending up in unsafe landfills or being burnt. This endangers both the environment and people.
How does it improve life?
We're tackling the issue of plastic waste in Uganda whilst simultaneously creating job opportunities for the community. The accessible nature of plastic collection means even the most marginalised community members can earn an income, including people with disabilities, women and those living in poverty.