Turning CO2 into functional, carbon-negative ingredients for food.
How does it work?
Arkeon creates protein ingredients for healthy, vital lifestyles. They’re carbon negative, vegan and cruelty-free, and all-natural. The best part? They’re endlessly adaptable. The bioprocess relies on ancient microbes and CO2. They’re the only ones using carbon dioxide to make food with archaea. And it’s changing our relationship with the greenhouse gas for good. The technology is independent from land, animals, and lots of water. By using CO2 to make our protein ingredients, we help the planet breathe a little easier.
Why is it needed?
Arkeon is carbon negative. They take excess emissions from industry and turn them into our protein ingredients. Their bioprocess has an incredibly low environmental impact. They don’t rely on land like conventional agriculture. This gives our ecosystems the chance to breathe. The bioprocess uses just 0.01% of the amount of water used in conventional agriculture. Agriculture is the largest consumer of Earth’s available freshwater.
How does it improve life?
Arkeon is proud to have found a way to nourish people and revitalise our ecosystems at the same time. They're on a mission to regenerate the planet.