Tent Trench
Trench coat that transforms into a tent, acting as emergency, temporary shelter.
How does it work?
The bottom half of the trench coat can easily detach and instantly inflate into a 1-man tent. The built-in inflatable poles eliminate the hassle of carrying around heavy tent rods. Rather than the whole coat turning into a tent, the trench coat detaches from the waist so that you are still left with a jacket to wear when you want to leave the tent.
Why is it needed?
Currently, more people are experiencing homelessness, due to different factors such as migration, increasing unemployment, and climate change. This design aims to provide versatility, comfort, and relief in challenging, changing environments.
How does it improve life?
This design provides a feeling of adaptability and shelter for people that face unexpected hardships and have the need to quickly adjust to difficult unforeseen circumstances.