Kapel Pack
Bilayer packaging strategically assembled for easy separation and recycling.
How does it work?
Kapel Pack rethinks the arrangement of the materials currently used in multilayer packaging. Through a strategic union, it allows the separation to be carried out in three simple steps: peel off, extract and separate the poly-aluminum bag. The goal is to preserve the properties and characteristics of current multilayer packaging but with a sustainable twist.
Why is it needed?
Nowadays, this type of packaging is one of the most consumed but least recycled in Mexico. The objective of this design is to generate a chain benefit that starts from home and promotes recycling through minimal effort.
How does it improve life?
Kapel Pack seeks to solve this problem by facilitating the division of basic components: cardboard and poly-aluminium while reducing the energy and investment needed. This design makes sorting and recycling more efficient for informal collectors and recyclers while contributing to extending materials' lifespan.