High-performance lithium-ion cells batteries.
How does it work?
Northvolt offers high-performance lithium-ion cells based around proprietary Lingonberry NMC chemistry in cylindrical and prismatic formats for any application, from power tools to snowmobiles.
Why is it needed?
Northvolt batteries centre around three primary goals: ethical sourcing, renewable energy and recycling. Believing that the best way to mind is not to mine at all, they're reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials through a world-first recycling setup. Therefore, circulating valuable metals in batteries back into manufacturing reduces the need for mining raw materials and lowers the environmental impact of batteries and drives down battery costs. So, Northvolt devotes itself to using clean, locally sourced renewable energy.
How does it improve life?
Northvolt's most powerful cells live up to 1000 more than ordinary batteries. After end-of-life, almost 95% of the battery cell is reused to make new ones. And by 2030, Northvolt aims to reduce down to 90% of CO2, so a carbon footprint target comes from harnessing clean energy.