Ecoa Wood
World’s most fuel-efficient rocket stove for household use
How does it work?
The Ecoa Wood stove uses 71% less wood than open fire, has a 43% thermal efficiency (51.3%% with a pot skirt) and emit 81% fewer emissions than an open fire.
Why is it needed?
Biomass currently provides ~85% of all household cooking energy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Due to population growth alone, an additional 75,000 people on the continent rely on biomass each day. BURN offers a line of electric, hybrid and liquid fuel stoves, but also believes it is imperative to provide super fuel-efficient solutions to households that only have access to biomass fuels.
How does it improve life?
Their appliances have helped 8 Million+ people reduce their fuel expenditures, while also reducing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. As a social enterprise, they reinvest all of their profits to achieve sustainability, grow reach and ensure the fulfillment of their mission. In total: 1,630,330 stoves sold. 10,858,804 tons of CO? saved. $468,881,705 household savings. 6,134,917 tons of wood saved. Over the next three years, BURN will enter 6 new countries and launch 5 new products. These stoves are poised to impact 23 million people by 2023.