A non-toxic flame retardant
How does it work?
Our core technology is a non-toxic flame retardant coating (AlgoGel), which can be applied to textiles and other materials. Our product is made from a plant-based biopolymer and a specific combination of flame retarding nanoparticles. When exposed to flames this coating forms a protective layer, separating the combustible material from the fire, preventing any further ignition.
Why is it needed?
- Bans: The government is tightening restrictions on chemical flame retardants and recently released an action plan to "Ban harmful chemical flame retardants". - No health risks: Toxic flame retardants can cause brain development issues, fertility complications and cancer. - Better for the environment: Chemical flame retardants bioaccumulate and can stay in our environment for 1000s of years affecting the health of us and future generations. - Support the fight against climate change: Our solution is also made from renewable resources, which means it is not exhausting our planets finite resources and is better for long term sustainability.
How does it improve life?
By improving the health of individuals and the environment by eradicating the use of toxic chemical flame retardants and support a more sustainable future.