An app to empower and grow Kenyan micro-businesses
How does it work?
With Leja, microbusinesses in Kenya can more easily manage and grow their businesses. It allows users to access and manage all their business finances anytime and anywhere. Users can record their daily sales, expenses, and liabilities in Leja's very simple digital bookkeeping. Businesses can integrate their mobile money account to Leja and manage all their business payments in one place. They can pay their suppliers with no transaction fee and buy airtime from all telco providers. Uders can track all pending payments and send reminders to customers which owe them money.
Why is it needed?
While entrepreneurship is a major driver of the African economy, African micro-entrepreneurs are still largely excluded from any formal protection or funding. This is due to a lack of consolidated data that substantiates their value, economic contributions, and growth potential.
How does it improve life?
The mission is to provide simple and easy-to-use digital tools truly tailored to the needs of African microbusinesses thereby helping them transition to digital operations and gain access to affordable and valuable funding. LEJA is trusted by 50,000+ microbusinesses in Kenya. The aim is to eradicate the current $500B massive credit gap that is holding back about 150 million micro-businesses from growing.