Macho Choir
Raising voices against catcalling in the Philippines
How does it work?
Macho Choir is an integrated campaign that uses its voice against catcalling. Macho Choir launched with three radio spots based on nursery rhymes with updated anti-catcalling lyrics.
Why is it needed?
Catcalling is a rampant problem on the streets of the Philippines. Around 58% of harassments occur outside and 70% of them happen during broad daylight. Wolf whistles, rude remarks, sexually-charged jokes, and inappropriate physical contact are as common as the jeepneys that ply our streets. A unique voice is needed to call out these catcallers.
How does it improve life?
The radio spots, with the help of the KBP and SBP, was aired in 722 stations nationwide. It was complemented by this awesome website and a colorful on-ground stickering effort. More educational and equally effective stuff will be developed soon. The collective voices against catcalling and sexual harassment have been heard, and actions have been taken – Senate Bill 1326 or Safe Streets and Public Spaces Act has been signed into law. Catcalling and other forms of sexual harassment are now punishable by law.