Backup Ukraine
Preserving Ukraine in 3D
How does it work?
Users can scan buildings and monuments as full 3D models, using just their phone, and store them in an open, secure online archive — where no bombs can reach.
Why is it needed?
The ongoing war in Ukraine is ruining the country's buildings, monuments and cultural heritage. According to VOA, Ukraine's parliamentary commission on human rights says Russia's military has destroyed almost 38,000 residential buildings, rendering about 220,000 people homeless. Nearly 1,900 educational facilities from kindergartens to grade schools to universities have been damaged, including 180 completely ruined. Other infrastructure losses include 300 car and 50 rail bridges, 500 factories and about 500 damaged hospitals, according to Ukrainian officials. The World Health Organization has tallied 296 attacks on hospitals, ambulances and medical workers in Ukraine this year.
How does it improve life?
The design aims to make an activist of the ordinary Ukrainian and empower citizens to preserve their history and country digitally.