Mind the Gap
Mind the gap is a clinical handbook of signs and symptoms in black and brown skin.
How does it work?
The clinical handbook raises awareness of how symptoms and signs can present differently on darker skin as well as calling attention to the different language that needs to be used in descriptors. The free online handbook details the clinical presentations on skin of colour for more than 20 conditions including swelling, jaundice, meningococcal disease, bruising, chickenpox and measles.
Why is it needed?
Due to the inherent ‘white skin bias’ in commonly practiced medical textbooks, the aim of this booklet is to educate students and health care professionals on the necessity of recognising that certain clinical signs do not present the same on darker skin. Healthcare professionals need to be aware of the differences so that it does not compromise the care for certain groups.
How does it improve life?
The handbook will help patients to have more confidence in medical professionals and ensure patient satisfaction as patients will be able to relate to what they are seeing on the screen. With this handbook, doctors are able to show patients the symptoms that are appearing on their skin.